Hello World!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. As the name suggests, I’m Filip, an International Business Administration bachelor student at the Rotterdam School of Management. Restless and curious, I enjoy diving into the world of technology and odd business cases. Those who know me will tell you I can go on for hours rambling on about microprocessors or pricing discrepancies around the world. Lately I’ve been reflecting on my thoughts and have decided to put them down on proverbial paper (online, save paper!).

According to my Google Ads profile, I am a 44 year old male with overly complex interests but I can assure you I’m more than that (and a lot younger than that too). Born in Europe, I’ve lived in the Ukraine, Venezuela, Colombia and the Netherlands. Since my early childhood I’ve enjoyed building and improving things, which led me from playing with Lego blocks to building my own computers. In my high school years, I taught and managed my own after-school class on information technology. I have taught students in high school, and continued to do so in university as a Teaching Assistant for Information Technology at the Rotterdam School of Management. In my free time I tinker with electronics (on my Arduino and Raspberry Pi), build websites and overclock computers. When I am not glued to a computer screen, I enjoy equestrian riding and perfecting my recipe for pasta bolognese.

Some things I like:
1. Building computers and playing with my Arduino
2. Travel Photography (never leave the house without my Leica)
3. Programming
4. Video editing
5. Perfecting my recipe for pasta sauce
6. Horseback riding

My pet peeves:
1. Poorly designed software
2. Loud places
3. Deceptive marketing
4. Those impossible to open packages SD cards come in
5. Plaintext passwords

Follow along as we discuss topics ranging from the cryptocurrency induced graphics card pricing crises, to why people should stop using coffee pods! If you have any questions, or just want to talk, feel free to get in touch.