Arduino and Electronics Tutorial Series


After several years of experimenting with circuits and micro controllers in my spare time, I decided to share my knowledge in a series of YouTube Tutorial videos and a set of accompanying articles. In this series I go over the basics of Arduino circuits and programming. Feel free to glance over my articles, listed below.


Arduino 01: Digital Outputs and Basic Electronics

Continuing from my first tutorial (Introduction to Arduino), today I will be going over digital outputs. Furthermore, I'll be discussing Ohms Law and Kirschoffs Law to introduce you to the world of electronics! If you haven't read the first tutorial , I highly...

Arduino 02: Digital Inputs

Last time we looked at how to use Digital Outputs in our projects, today I will be going over digital inputs. At a basic level, digital inputs allow us to add buttons and switches to our projects. I'll also cover "if" statements and button debouncing. Let's get...

Introduction to Arduino

When I first started with Arduino back in early high school I was amazed by the versatility and power of the platform. Although there are many electronics platforms available today, Arduino is one of the best and a great place to start learning. In my article I will...

WOOF IOT: An Experiment in IOT

With the creation of WOOF IOT, I designed and built a WiFi, Apple HomeKit enabled enivronment monitoring system. Join me as I explore the internet of things!

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