PC RGB Control system (Arduino)

The Do-IT-Yourself way

Back in 10th grade (around 2012) I was fascinated by Alienware’s color changing LEDs in their systems, their prices, however, did not impress me. Needless to say, as a custom PC builder and tinkerer I decided to build my own RGB control system. Together with an Arduino, some MOSFETs, an RGB strip off Amazon and a Processing applet I developed I was able to get it done. 

The Concept

Back in 2012 I wanted an RGB LED system for my custom build PC that could be controlled via software. As an Arduino enthusiast, I decided to build my own. 

The Process

The project can be broken up into three main parts: the Arduino Code, the circuitry and the Processing Code. The project was completed using an Arduino Uno, a 5050 RGB LED Strip (with a 60LEDs/meter density), 3 N Channel Logic Level MOSFETS, some 24AWG wire and a couple resistors. Aftering repurposing a molex adapter from a hard drive, I soldered everything together with my Hakko FX888. Some double sided velcro tape and maneuvering later I had it installed inside my Corsair Obsidian 800D case. All that was left was to upload the Arduino Code (which I had developed and tested earlier) and fire up the Processing app I had prepared. 

The Results

As the project is over six years old now, I am looking through old photo backups to find more photos and videos of it. I’ll be uploading more details and code soon, so stay tuned!

Parts List

Computer (PC/Mac/Linux)

Arduino IDE (click to download)

Arduino Uno (or alternative)

USB Cable

Logic Level N Channel MOSFETS

RGB LED STRIP (Common Anode)


Soldering gear

A molex adapter 



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